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JILL LEEN Matte Lip Glaze JL017

Sale price$5.99 USD

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JILL LEEN Matte Lip Glaze JL017
JILL LEEN Matte Lip Glaze JL017 Sale price$5.99 USD

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Pretty, smells good and the texture is really smooth but I just noticed its not the color I ordered. I got the 215 and I ordered the 201, the color is just like the picture tho.
Just sad because I wanted the darker color I ordered but I guess I'll try to make a gradient effect with the other products.


Okay wow! So I wrote the review below as well and today a package came in. It was a tube of 214 shipped to me completely unprompted! I guess they read my previous review. 10/10 customer service, and if you guys are reading this again, love you guys, you’re doing amazing! ❤️ Okay, to review the actual product now haha.

214: The color is most accurate to the hand swatch picture at the end. It’s more pinky rather than peachy like the picture with the girl wearing it. It’s also brighter and less muted than the lip swatch. But if you conceal your lips first, I can see the color becoming more muted and less bright if that’s the look you’re going for.

But man, customer service is amazing and I definitely recommend buying here!

209, 202, 201

So smooth on the lips! They also smell like chocolate, do with that information what you will. The packaging is heavy, matte and feels nice to the touch. Only wish the tubes would click close, but that’s not a big deal. (I also ordered 214 instead of 209, so there was an error in my order. Kinda bummed about it since I can’t see myself wear 209 often, but whatever. I made a big order so maybe it got confusing. :/ )

209: A brownish color with a heavy orange tone, kinda reminds me of pumpkin spice. Very accurate to the picture.

202: A very orangey shade as well. It’s darker and not as peachy as the picture.

201: A brick red. Picture is pretty accurate. For some reason, this shade is more matte than the other two. There’s a slight sheen with 209 and 202, but this one is straight matte on my swatches.